Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Just for fun

Just for fun! Here are some great pics! I've got some crazy kiddos!
FYI the coat Hayden is wearing is actually Wyatt's!
He thought that was funny!

I put them to work early!


Keilah said...

GREAT pictures Karen. thanks for the recipe too. I'm loving it that you have high speed now! Hey I got a webcam too...did you get one or have access to one? I'd love to see you all in person! Or you can just see me..but that's not as much fun. Do you have AIM?

AMANDA said...

I am a firm believer in "pulling your own weight". :)

Peggy said...

Your boys have such rosy, round cheeks! I love it! That funny grin thing must be a boy thing, because Sky "smiles" like that too!

Yeesh, you guys are still freezing, eh?! I wish you warm temps very soon. We're sure enjoying the warmth around here this week. Of course next week could be a different story...