Monday, February 18, 2008

My Monday Moment

So after that horrible picture of Wyatt's hand I thought I'd post a little more upbeat piece!
I've been reading some blogs lately that fun things like THANKFUL THURSDAY and WORDLESS WEDNESDAY! I thought I'd do my own one... MY MONDAY MOMENT! This will be a time to realize maybe, just maybe I haven't ruined my children and they may REALLY grow up to be the godly men I pray they become. It won't be anything too deep, just a moment I (and you) may see the "sweeter" side to my boys! (Well that's the hope anyway!) Oh, and if I forget to do it, please remind me! I'll start off with a video of Wyatt "playing" the "piano". He was so intent on it! I thought when I saw him that my in-laws would be so proud! There's hope for a muscian after all! (Carter does love his guitar... and Hayden likes to sing/dance) OH and the banging you hear in the video is my hubby splitting a piece of wood for the fire! (sorry I had to catch the moment anyway!)

One more thing before I go... Pray for the boys... Carter threw-up when we went to the DR's for Wyatt's hand! (doing good by the way) After our week last week I'm just praying that no one else catches whatever he has!


AMANDA said...

I love how he doesn't let his hand slow him down.

Kaleb said...

I think that it is awesome that he was intent on playing. Maybe he will be the next Bach. Or maybe he will just be better than I am on the piano.

Keilah said...

Go Wyatt! Your little man has some skills! Does he like to hear music as much as he likes books?