Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pictures and one of Wyatt's Burn

Things have been so crazy around here that I never got a chance to post pictures of when Matt got to spend the night... Last WEEK! Oops! They had a great time... expect that was the night Carter started running a fever and had to go to the DR the next day! We'll have to do it again sometime!

Joel came over on Friday to play with Hayden so that's when this picture was taken. On Saturday Judith and I took Hayden and Joel for a "quick" trip to Meijer... not so quick, but we found AWESOME deals on toys (50% off some clearance prices... it was great... I'm getting ready for Christmas 08!) Anyway, I didn't realize what Hayden calls Joel... every time He wants Joel's attention he says "Joel David, Joel David" in a singsong voice. (I guess he's heard Joel's siblings say it a lot!

Yesterday Bryan took all three boys on a four wheeler ride... not like pictured of course! I think Wyatt enjoyed it the most he was laughing the entire time! Don't let his face in the pictures fool you... he really was smiling! He WHINED all afternoon until he finally got to go outside... he even got his shoes and brought them to me! He is TOTALLY Carter's personality, but more persistant! The word "No" or "You can't" doesn't exist in his vocabulary!

Then the boys came in and started wrestling! OK the picture looks bad but seriously Wyatt started it and WOULDN'T quit no matter how much I tried to stop him!

After getting a bath (yeah they do get them!), We had to re-do Wyatt's hand... so I snapped a quick picture with the dressing on! If you are squimish... CLOSE your EYES!


Keilah said...

Wow, it looks awful! Poor Wyatt! Is it hurting him a lot? I guess he needs no further instruction on what "hot" means! Hey I had a great time in Paris - I think you would enjoy it a lot! It's so NOT fair because I want to share it with you all, but in person! Not by blog! But I guess I'll do the best I can with the blog, and maybe someday we can all go for a family vacation abroad! Love you!