Friday, February 15, 2008

24 - infections, x-rays, burns, bruises!

I've watched the show "24" for the past couple years. Every time I watch I think... "there is NO WAY one guy goes through all that in ONE DAY!" I'm starting to believe it's possible after all!

Let me fill you in on the past 48 hours of our life....

On Wednesday I took Hayden and Wyatt (Carter came along too) to the doctor. They both had a nasty cough just like Carter had a week ago. The steriod treatments helped clear up Carter's lungs, I thought maybe they needed one too. The treatments on the nebulizer 3xs a day weren't helping much. So I off we went to the DR. I was right, but wrong too. Turns out Hayden had the start of an ear infection in one ear and Wyatt had a major ear infection in BOTH ears! Talk about feeling bad!

Well we had been home about 2hrs when Carter injured his knee off one of the ski jumps he's made here at the camp. (For all you moms out there I DO make him where a ski helmet.) We iced it then waited since he COULD walk on it a little.

SO on to yesterday! When Carter woke up it was really swollen and he couldn't put pressure on it at all! I made an appointment at the DR's office. MIRACLE OF MIRACLES - by the time we got to the Dr office at 1:30pm it was MUCH better. They did an x-ray anyway and said it was a BAD bruise and to RICE it (Rest Ice Compression Elevation).
After getting home I RUSHED getting things together because we had to leave for GCC where I teach the 2nd-3rd on Thurs. nights. We were all ready to head out the door when DISASTER... Wyatt tripped over who knows what and fell onto the glass door of our wood-burning stove! (It was like slow motion - I was only two steps away when he fell, but in the time I saw him falling to the time I got to him I could HEAR his skin sizzling on the glass door! The sound still haunts me!)

So I called Bryan (thankfully we were ready to head out anyway so all we had to do was leave). We rushed to our local walk-in-clinic. I've always had to wait, but NO waiting for this little guy! They hurried us back and checked it out. He has a Serious 2nd degree burn to the side of his right hand. It was like one HUGE blister from just below the little finger to below the wrist. (thankfully it wasn't on his palm, fingers, or any other body part!) So they wrapped it up and we will be going BACK to the DR today and prob. each day for a while!

They did put him on Tynol w/ codine so he's a little "happy"! He's kind of crazy... running around and spinning around for no reason... He was into a lot before, now he's into EVERYTHING!

I think I'm ready for a break!OH YEAH - Happy Valentine's Day! Love you all!


Jeannine said...

O my gosh! Nobody wants excitement like that. I feel for Wyatt so much, burns hurt so much. I'm glad they gave him some meds. Your day makes my busy day at work look like nothing. I hope it gets better soon. Love you all.