Monday, February 11, 2008

Things I HATE and Things I LOVE

So I was thinking of some things I hate today... and I thought I'd balance it with things I love!

Hate: The smell of leftover Ketchup sitting on a plate in the kitchen... I know weird... fresh ketchup doesn't bother me!
Love: The kids the ketchup was out for.

Hate: Diapers that leak... so far every night for the past three nights... Two different brands too!
Love: The little boy that "sneaks" downstairs without being scared to tell me his bed/pjs are wet! (Hayden's scared of monsters - so it amazes me that it doesn't bother him to come downstairs-in the dark- by himself!)

Hate: Another kid getting sick, just as one is getting better!
Love: Everyone being well and the hugs that come when they are sick! (But not the whining!)

Hate: The bitter cold weather that is outside right now!
Love: Snow... so I guess if I want this one I have to take a little of the other one!

Hate: Doing dishes and Laundry... who doesn't!
Love: Being DONE the dishes and Laundry... not that I am!

Hate: Sippy cups with valves that don't work!
Love: Sippy cups that DO work... not many do though

Hate: Exercising
Love: Exercising... with Kids asleep... (that's up next)

Hate: The mess our wood stove makes!
Love: The heat our wood stove gives out!



Keilah said...

hey karen - yes Camden Market did burn, and it's ironic that it burned the day I went! I didn't even really know it was there until Amanda came up and asked if we wanted to go! We left about 4 or 4:30, and the news reports said the fire started at 7:20-ish. Crazy, huh!? I'll have to go back soon and see if any of the places we saw was what burned down. I'm glad we left when we did! Love you so much - I love your "Love-Hate" list! Any plans for Valentine's Day?