Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Moment(s)

It is rainy/muddy outside... so our backporch became a "construction zone!"
(Once I cleared all the junk off it anyway)

There was lots of hard work happen' today!

We did have a few minor injuries... but they are already healed!


Keilah said...

I'm glad they fixed everything on the porch! It looks like it would have been DANGEROUS to get in those workmen's way! Love you all and miss you!

Peggy said...

Hey girl! Looks like you're not having problems uploading pics... I haven't been able to upload pics on my blog or Recipeasy for several days now. And now Facebook isn't even working for me, so this is my only way to communicate! Did you have any problems with pics over the last few days and something about an ICAP error? Apparently a lot of Blogger users are having the same problem. Anyway, send me an e-mail or something.