Friday, March 7, 2008

Wyatt + anything = WOW

This is what I saw when I came down the hallway while getting ready to leave last night! Wyatt thinks he's a big boy now!

Just this weeks he's started "talking" to us... full "sentences". It's VERY funny. He looks at you with a serious look and "says" something... then waits for you to answer! Wyatt is REALLY starting to show off his little personality! How would I describe that personality... I'll use one word - BIG!

I would say of the three boys he has the BIGGEST personality with the BIGGEST swings in mood! If he's happy - he's VERY happy, if he's mad - he's VERY mad, if he's upset - he's VERY upset! He is also the MOST determined (stubborn) child we have! (Carter's pretty determined/stubborn - Wyatt passes him by a mile!) If Wyatt wants something he stops at NOTHING to get it! I see all these as positives for the future but find them quite frustrating today! He's really smart at figuring out how to get what he want too - on his own!

I keep reminding myself that all these qualities will be great when he's older... when he's older!

Wyatt is ...

1. Busy

2. Smart

3. Determined

4. Persistent!!!

5. Sweet (when he wants)

The boys have spent since Tuesday in the house due to sickness... This is BAD BAD BAD for boys!! They go crazy when kept in small spaces! Wyatt is SICK of being inside... SOOO when Bryan left for work - Wyatt decided he wanted to go too! He went and got one of his shoes and stood in front of the door! Bryan didn't help by teasing him that he was going to work with daddy. SO when Bryan left without him Wyatt had a MELT DOWN!! SO I decided to take all 3 outside for about an hour or so before lunch. I got Carter and Hayden ready and sent them out while I got myself and Wyatt ready. AS soon as the boys left without him, Wyatt SCREAMED until I was able to get him outside... remember now that we are in MICHIGAN... it's COLD! The cold isn't as bad as the WIND! SO it FEELS COLDER than it is!!! Even with the wind and cold, after an hour and half he threw a FIT when I carried him inside! (ALL in all it was great - he fell asleep eating lunch he was sooo worn out!)
This picture is of Wyatt trying out Hayden's new bike. Don't let the snow fool you... the only snow left on the ground is what was in the piles from plowing the road! We are supposed to get a little tonight..also 8 degrees! It's supposed to be 50 degrees next week... I can't wait! (Sorry Bryan, I know you're going skiing on Tuesday, but I'm sooooooo ready for spring! Can I get an AMEN?!)


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AMANDA said...

I can so relate with BIG personalities - Ella (2 going on "2 big for her britches"):)

Keilah said...

It must be a third child thing. I am the most stubborn, frustrating, smart, persistent, sweet, busy, and determined person you know, other than Wyatt, right? I like to scream when I don't get my way too. It's more fun that way. :o)