Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Carter tale... continued!

So the question was asked if Carter got off the hook because he told the truth... I would say YES then NO. He had to "pay them back" and tell the mantience staff what happened. (That's always hard to do especially when they are BIG guys!) So yes he was off the hook... UNTIL he left the garden hose running in the pond/waterfall down at the Lodge and it OVERFLOWED!!! So now he can't go anywhere on the camp without BIG permission, but mainly he's restricted to just in front of or behind our house!!!

A friend of mine with three boys (soon to be four... yeah!!!) says that boys don't get a brain until they are adults and they lose what they have when they are around friends. I would have to agree.. because I KNOW he KNOWS better - he's just not thinking first! (There are times I question if they get a brain even once they are adults... but I love my hubby! ) So we are working on the thinking first thing! (The bad thing is that I UNDERSTAND his logic... he wanted the waterfall to start working - He's seen the guys drain then refill it with the hose before restarting it.)

The boys bed is in there room... THEY LOVE IT!!! Daddy rocks!!
On a different note... I think we have a dead mouse in our bathroom storage closet... or in the wall. Any idea how to cover the smell?


Super B's Mom said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your nice comments! Your sons are adorable and it sounds like there's never a dull moment in your home, huh? :) LOVE LOVE LOVE the bunk bed.

Boys rock! :) I hope you'll visit my blog again! May God bless your family.

3boys247 said...

Oh Carter, Carter, Carter. That's what I say all day, I am sure you do too. I think your friend with the brain theory is correct. They must get them some time in the late twenties, right when their car insurance rates drop.

4funboys said...

ahhhhhhhh.... poor, poor Carter!
If he's anything like my boys, he'd tell you that "thinking is over-rated."

To which... I roll my eyes to heaven for some divine inspiration, and patience... then call their dad- which is where they inherited ALL bad behaviors.


GE is me said...

Karen, On a different note. Read your profile a while ago, noticed you like Go Fish - under music. Never heard of them, so just was like whatever. My girlfriend introduced me to them last night. THEY ROCK!!! I think I'll be doing a post on them.

CC said...

Argh! Boys, boys, boy!!! My son has been driving me batty recently!

And can't help with the mouse smell. But we have had lots of ALIVE mice (and ants) around my home :(

MCmommy said...

Tag, you're it!
Stop by my blog to see what in the world I'm talking about.... :)