Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday Moment - Sort of

So I sent the camera to Carter's first ever baseball practice. I need to just give up my expectation because this the only picture it came back with. I THINK it's of our "rootbeer pond" here on the camp. (Don't ask what kind of pond it is... let's just say that you flush to find out!) So much for a MONDAY MOMENT!

I do have a moment that you can't take a picture for ... I'm so proud of Carter! Today I found out that several screens were ripped... top to bottom on some of the cabins here at the camp. When I asked Carter about it he honestly told me that HE DID IT! I was shocked, but proud that he told the truth! Later when I saw the damage I was so embarrassed to say the least... I'll have to post a picture tomorrow. Needless to say he is in trouble... some of the money he's been saving for a new playstation2 will instead go toward the "righting of the wrong". He didn't even complain when I told him that he would have to make it right. I'm so glad his heart is right! (For the record.. his REASON for slicing the screens with a hammer... "I wanted to get inside!" It's the same reason he gave when he tried to climb in the window at the Lodge... he fell and broke his arm! MAYBE I should tell him about DOORS!)


Keilah said...

Haha, yeah I liked the pink I had before, but it was getting old. I like the "blog face lift" idea, so I went to the site you used and got the background. It wasn't too hard to figure out...btw, I love your new venue for blogging! How'd you get the pictures that shade? Miss you love!
Oh and tell Carter I'm proud of him for telling the truth...and his "double decker" is soon to come! Love you all!

4funboys said...

Does he get a break for honesty?

It's always funnier and cuter when it's someone else's boy destroying stuff.

My boys think doors are highly over-rated too... maybe they're distant cousins?

MCmommy said...

Is Carter your oldest? I love that we both have Carters! It's like I'm reading about what my Carter will be doing in the future when he's a big boy! (does that even make sense?)