Saturday, April 12, 2008

Five Classes

So I was tagged my McMommy for "Five classes they should've taught in school". I'm not very creative when it come to this sort of thing, but I'll give it a try.

1. MEME 101
What is a meme and why are they so hard to do? !! I've seen several blogs and none of them know what meme stands for either!

2. Understanding the male mind
What is their logic when it comes to the things they do? Ok maybe that one would be a graduate class! Masters... doctorate even!

3. The magnetic floor
WHY anything that can possibly be dropped, spilled, thrown, trailed, and smeared is drawn to a freshly mopped floor! (NOTHING like this happens during the weeks I DON'T mop it! Yeah I said weeks... I'm better about vacuuming!)

4. Surviving childhood
ME not them!!! I'm thinking about changing my name to something other than "MOMMY". Then I don't have to answer!!!

5. Creative blogging
I'm really not that good at coming up with stuff! I couldn't really think of a #5. This is probably because I'm a picture person more than a word person! Get to the point and be done!

I have enjoyed many of the new blogs I've come across! Just a few are listed on my sidebar! The newest one I stumbled on is McMommy! (She has a funny way with words that make you feel like your chatting with your sis! No, I'm not kissing up because she tagged me... ;)

Its your turn...

Hope you do better than I did!


GE is me said...

#4 - my mom used to tell me ALL the time she changed her name; or as I got older she'd say mom died take a message. As a mom now- BOY do I understand what she was talking about!!!!! (also feel your pain.)

Kristen said...

Love that you want to change your name! That is fantastic!

Keilah said...

Class #6 - Patience - Especially when standing in the eternal queue for the women's loo when there are no men in line for theirs. Why don't these people get the idea to make the men's room smaller and use the extra space for the women's? Welcome to the Super-Bathroom of the Future!

MCmommy said...

Not very creative? I think these were quite creative!!! I'm loving #1...sign me up. Do you think they'll teach us how to pronounce "meme" too?

Thanks for the kind words...Sis! Love ya! :)

Kupiec Baby Blog said...

#2 Understanding the male mind is priceless! Sign me up for that one...