Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rainy Days

Well it's been a rough couple of days! Carter's not been on his best behaviour... so much so that he's been restricted to being with Dad or Mom at ALL times. He's not even allowed to play with his toys, games, TV, etc... His attitude has improved - some! Hopefully we can move on tomorrow and have life "back to normal".

It's been raining - cold and raining - cold, snowy, sloshy, and raining! Not much fun for anyone! (Bryan can tell you all about this.. he ran Trapshooting(skeet-shooting) for 130 men today! In the cold/nasty weather!)

So we had to make some fun inside!!!
My crazy son... in these pictures he is actually TASTING the bubbles! Ironic because he's been "starving" all the time lately... growth spurt coming!
Hayden picked out his present from Grandma/Grandpa Ramey with the money they sent for his birthday... took me a while to get him to the store. The boys had fun... I even LET Carter join in for a little while! (Like I said we are making progress with the attitude!)


4funboys said...

I'll trade you "naughty" boys for a day????

I'm tired of saying "the SAME things over, and over"...