Friday, May 23, 2008

Carter + Cameron = Adventure!

Our Camp director and his wife recently adopted a boy from Ethiopia. Cameron is about the same age as Carter and VERY Daring like him. Even with the language barrier they have become good friends. Carter is always asking to play with him and Cameron knocks on the door at LEAST twice a day looking for Carter. Together they come up with some very crazy bike tricks... Today I caught them riding bikes... THE SAME ONE!! (Cameron has just learned to ride without his training wheels, but he caught on VERY quickly!) Carter also "ramps" his bike on a ramp Bryan built for him after Carter tried to make his own.!

Carter probably hasn't been the best influence on things TO DO on your bike... here is a video of some of his "tricks" and the "names" he has for each one! BEFORE you watch it keep in mind several things.
1. HE IS wearing a helmet.
2. I had no idea he could do these things until he showed me!
3. There could be worse things he could be doing... trust me!


joy said...

OMG!! Karen, I want boys like yours! I love how there ALL boy and do crazy things! Love it!


4funboys said...

very cool!

purple chair chitchat said...

i love your post about the little boys...... that's SOOO cute... joy is right (my cousin :) :) i really enjoyed reading what you have to say!!

Mindy said...

I think it's funny that as I'm watching this video, I notice my car in the background!