Sunday, June 29, 2008

THE big game!

The BIG game... Cubs vs Tigers (the best team in the "league").

We played out hearts out.. with amazing concentration...

Carter played well, but never made it to first base. He has played so well this season... but back to the game...

We actually started off VERY strong with 3 runs in during the first half of the first inning!
It was amazing! We were all screaming with joy... then they go up to bat!! We did hold them off to ONLY 10 runs the rest of the game!

At the end they awarded our team with our "participation trophies". Carter was soooo proud... We are too.. third place out of five isn't bad! He had a good time and learned a lot and made some new friends!



Pegsy said...

Congratulations Carter!! What a great season!

You guys have been crazy busy! Sounds like fun, though. Wish I could've been there to help cheer!

4funboys said...


I hope you enjoy your trophy as much as you enjoyed the games this season!

Wendi said...

We love baseball around here!
congratulations Carter!!!

3boys247 said...

Congratulations Carter! Great job!

We still have a few more weeks of t-ball.

Happy POW!

KD @ A Bit Squirrelly said...

Little league is like the cutest thing ever!

Happy POW!

McMommy said...

Way to go Carter!!! Enjoy that trophy!!

p.s. Karen, I love that picture of you on the right hand side! You seriously make me smile when I see that pic!! You have the friendliest look on your face ever!!!