Sunday, June 29, 2008

What does Hayden and Wyatt do at the games?

What do Hayden and Wyatt do during these games.... here's a little peek!!

(I'm usually chasing them until I get tired of it or the games gets "good"... then Wyatt gets strapped in the stroller... even if he doesn't like it!

Of course we have to roll on the ground and make a "bed".

Climb around and make new friends.

Eat Eat Eat... Cheez-it's and Icee pops where the biggest hit... we shared with those new friends!
Sneak into the dug out at EVERY chance we get

Steal our new friends shoes...
Be held my mommy... while still eating Cheez-it's....
Then it's time to be strapped in so mommy can get those pictures of Carter's game!


4funboys said...

yeah mom... the boys have your great smile!