Thursday, June 5, 2008

Boys Update

I thought it was time for a little kid update...

Carter - Is enjoying little league...(or the never-ending-always-playing league as I like to call it!). He is having fun having more friends his age around. Carter Lee is here now and playing on our Carter's baseball team. That's making his day... and something to talk about.
He's busy "helping" daddy with all the waterfront stuff. Right now we are working on the attitude. Everytime he whines he has to stop right then and say 3 things he's thankful for... IT WORKS!
Carter helps me remember to take life on full speed!

Here's Carter and Wyatt wrestling the other me Wyatt started it and was laughing the ENTIRE TIME!

Hayden - Is our social son. He has his buddies... and we HAVE to pray for them every night. (Joel, Bradley, Brendan, Lynndelle... we can't leave anyone out!) Since Family Camp started this Monday everyone is around more which is THRILLING him!
Hayden is working on obedience... he's our sneaky child (like me) and tries to get away with things and blame them on... usually... Wyatt (sometimes he blames Joel too - I'm finding this out!)
Hayden helps me to remember to look before I leap!

Wyatt - Is Wyatt! I haven't quite figured out his personality... but it's EXTREME! One minute he's happy, but if you do something he doesn't like... watch out! He's not to sure what to think of Family camp with all the people around... but he WANTS to do everything Carter and Hayden are doing. If he can't... everyone knows!
Wyatt helps me to remember to enjoy life... good and bad! Be all there wherever there is!

Here's Wyatt "playing" with our old computer mouse. He "plugged" it in to a hole on the wood of our entertainment center! Like I said he want to do everything Carter and Hayden do!


Anonymous said...

Hey, It's great that you are able to view the boys individual qualities (both good & bad) and dealing with them on their age level. Rowan gets mad and stomps and throws things therefore he gets timeouts, but I'm not sure at 21 months he really connects the two things. Take care. Love, Aunt Connie

Michelle Jamie said...

This was a great post.

I'm going to take a note on the stopping and saying three things that I'm thankful for every time I whine. I also love how you have listed what each child the three things your children have make you remember.