Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fun in H2O

Family Camp is in full swing! We just finished week one... only 7 more to go!!! We really do love the camps, but it's really busy! We are SOOO blessed to live on the camp property and enjoy all the "perks" of camplife. (the beach, waterslide, BLOB, and boat to name a few)
During the week, Bryan is busy running various activities. When the weekend comes we try to get some work done, but also have fun as a family. The boys LOVE having so many people around to bug.. wait I meant to with!
Carter is getting older and is more interested in hanging out with the big kids... we've had to find a balance with that... he is after all only 5!
They had their own volleyball game going.. his first "real" volleyball game.
That's Carter in the red shirt on the right side of the picture.

One of Bryan's jobs during the week is to drive the boat for the families to go tubing/skiing. The boys can't go when the campers are here, so he took them out on Saturday for some fun. (We also took some of Carter's friends... Cameron and Carter.) They had a great time! It was quite interesting to figure out if Cameron was having fun or not. (He was recently adopted from Ethiopia and still doesn't speak a lot of English.) Cameron would smile... then look concerned... then smile. He must have had fun. When he saw us today he asked... "Boat?"

A family that recently came on staff here at the camp has a son named Carter as well. (He is a little older than our Carter.) We took him out too and the "Carters" had fun being a little more daring.

Hayden is cautious to the point of not trying things. After agreeing to go out WITH him, he went tubing for the FIRST TIME! I was so proud of him. He was scared to death, but did it anyway! I told him that "It's OK to be scared, but you can't let that stop you from trying new things." (I don't want him to not try something just because he's scared... that is something I don't like about myself!) He held my hand and Bryan went really slow, BUT HE DID IT! I did manage to get him to let go of my hand and hold them up for a few seconds. YEAHHHHHH HAYDEN!

Wyatt... Wyatt is his own person that's for sure. I wish I had video of us trying to get him to tube with me. He screamed from the moment Bryan handed him to me... not because he was scared! He wanted to "help" Bryan drive the boat! He is goal whenever he is around a motorized vehicle is to DRIVE! (He "drives" (aka... sits on our laps while we drive) the gator and golf cart.) Just to show he's not scared of things.. he went down the waterslide (with his lifejacket on and us standing at the bottom) by himself from halfway up. He went down the ENTIRE thing with Bryan. Even when they both went under the water for a second at the bottom He came up smiling saying "MORE". (I'll have to get video of it sometime) He is a true Daredevil. If the older boys do it... Wyatt will want to try it! If/When I don't let him... everyone knows! He LOVES LIFE!


Peggy said...

Hey, how come nobody ever went REALLY SLOW for me?!! I'm with Hayden - tubing scares me to death! But, I did try it! And all the promises that they would go slow, were empty promises! Glad you guys are having fun.

BTW, I know how late you were up last night....:-), but I love the new look on Recipeasy!

GE is me said...

I am so envious of the water fun!!!
My husband has 2 colors, white & red & is not a big beach or water person AT ALL. I however grew up on the lake & totally miss it.
Ahhh, the dog days of summer!
Hope y'all have a wonderful summer.

3boys247 said...

How lucky you are to get to play on the water. It looks like the camp is great fun in the summer.

Another Carter? I thought we picked cool unusual names, didn't we, Karen? and McMommy?

McMommy said...

Yes, we did 3boys247!!! The name Carter ROCKS!!

Karen...I love the "camp life"! How lucky are your boys?!!