Sunday, June 1, 2008


SO yesterday we were "invited" to an end-of-the-school-year picnic in the park. I say "invited" because when I heard Judith was hosting one.. I said "Are we invited too?" Keep in mind Judith is a gooooooood friend, I don't invite myself to just any party! (My boys aren't in school yet, but they try to help Judith's kids avoid doing their school! How many times to they REALLY knock on your door Judith?) I'm so glad she agreed to have us come... it was so much fun - and no one needed to go to the ER! As you can see from the pictures that was a miracle in itself! Hayden did fall (off the seat of the picnic bench of all things) and got a bloody nose. He's doing better now!

Hayden with his best buddy Joel and Lynndelle (I'll have to watch Hayden and Lynndelle since He HAS to hug her whenever he sees her!)

NO this is NOT how he got the bloody nose...

remember that was from falling off the PICNIC TABLE SEAT!!!

Carter was his normal daring self... and Micah joined him!
Wyatt had the best time... and was daring in his own way... He climbed this "ladder" by himself.

The look (and shirt) say it all!

Since you couldn't be there... you can join in following Wyatt around the park !
Have a great Start to your SUMMER!


Zakkie said...

sure! will do...what you e-mail? or does brianna know it already?

4funboys said...

I NEED 4 of those shirts!!!!!!

Very cute...

Peggy said...

I heard you inviting yourself to that party! Wish I could have been there too! Looks like tons of fun and good food!