Friday, August 1, 2008

2 months only!!!

Being in the north... summer doesn't last long. So while it seems I've been posting a lot of water time pictures... in theory we ONLY have about 2 (maybe 3) months where the water is WARM enough and the air hot enough to have this much fun!

SOOOOO more water pictures!!!

Bryan tried to teach Carter to water ski...He had tried on his own, but never made it all the way up. (I was at the house while the little boys were napping) So Daddy did it with him!!!

Then of course Daddy had to have some fun on his own and went kneeboarding!

After Hayden and Wyatt woke up we all rode out to the middle of the lake and jumped in (this was big for Hayden and I we both like to be able to touch the bottom!) But Hayden braved it and came to mommy... He's learning to overcome his fears... just like me !

So which one is Hayden and which one is Wyatt? (I never realized how much they DO look like twins!)

These were taken the other night, but I just hadn't had time to post them yet!

Hayden and his buddy Bradley!
Wyatt actually wanted in on the picture too! Notice the goggles Hayden is wearing! He came and put them on so he could run through the sprinkler like this...
I forgot how funny a three year old is!!


Mamasphere said...

You're going to have such wonderful memories! I think, if we didn't live in a place where summer weather ruled 9 months out of the year, we'd have more fun in the sun. As it is now we take it for granted, and nothing much gets done by way of memory making.

Pegsy said...

Great pictures! I know what you mean about only 2 months! This summer has been so cool, but we pretend it's warm anyway! My kids were playing with their friends in the sprinkler today even though there was a VERY strong wind that made it feel freezing! But, the sun was shining and it's supposed to be summer, right?! (Sorry, no pictures were taken!) :-)

Chelle said...

Beautiful pictures! Your memories look so amazing. Happy POW!

3boys247 said...

What a fun (but short) summer! I can't believe Carter is water skiing, that is great.

Hayden and Wyatt DO look alike, our youngest 2 look very similar too. Have you compared their baby pictures yet?

mom2natnkatncj said...

Great pictures. I love seeing how much fun people are having ;).

Carol said...

Looks like everyone is having a wonderful time.

Hope summer drags on a bit longer for you.