Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Playing in Puddles

Playing in the puddles!!! (Carter was playing airsoft with daddy)

I think He was telling Wyatt to jump in this one right here!
Don't you love the bright blue port-a-potties in the background! I forgot about those!

Hayden is getting so "brave" - just watch!

This is Hayden's Getting Ready Face


4funboys said...

love the videos!

summer camps are the best! Hume Lake is where Tony got will be 20 years tomorrow. some of our best memories as kids are from times at camp..

Keilah said...

I LOVE Hayden's getting ready face! So cute! Miss you guys...looks like fun. I'd be in the puddles with him!

Kelly said...

They are so adorable! I had a dream last night about babysitting them (well, only Carter and Hayden for some reason) They played outside and had a blast! When they came in, Hayden was so tired, he fell asleep while I was carrying him in!

Kelli said...

I bet they were loving that! Fun pictures!

Happy POW!

Jennifer said...

Boys love the puddles!!! Sean would hop right in:)

McMommy said...

You cannot keep a boy away from a puddle!! It's just not possible!!

happy pow!