Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summer Famliy Camps come to close!

I've meant to do this for quite a while now! For those of you who may not not know... we work at a camp! Every summer our camp hosts 7 weeks of summer FAMILY CAMP. During that time families from ALL over come for a week to grow closer to God and each other! We have lots of fun activities going on during that time.... here are a few!

Pretzel night!!

I make the dough for homemade pretzels. You can too... the recipe is on our RECIPEASY blog!

This is the AMAZING apron my Aunt Connie made for me! I love it!!! (if you can't see it in the picture it says "I MAKE THE DOUGH" with a pretzel under it!)

For 6 years Brian H. has helped me bake the pretzels by "manning" the HOT HOT HOT stoves!! This was his last year to travel... we'll miss Mr. Brian!

Yes ladies he is single!

I had to sneak a picture of Maria on here!! She was making the "loaves" for the little kids 5 loaves and 2 fishes story!

One night during the week is date night... the parents get to go out on a date while the kids and teens are occupied with MANY things... like crafts, games and a hayride...

Another big even is the FUN FAIR! There is lots to do ...
Giant Jenga

Face Painting

Snow cones (Wyatt found a new buddy!)


The Jump House

There are many other activities as well throughout the week... Paintball, W.H.A.T. competition, beach time, boat time, water slide, carpet ball, tournaments, and family games!!

I almost forgot to mention... NO COOKING for an entire week! During the summer camps families with small children are also assigned a family assistant to help with whatever needs they have during the week!
Come on our and visit.... FALL Family Camp is only a few months away!!!


Pegsy said...

Oh, how I MISS those days!! It sounds like things are a little more streamlined and sophisticated now! One of these summers I'm going to convince Joshua to bring our family for a week...

Keilah said...

looks like fun! what was Hayden's "tattoo" on his arm? miss you guys!

Carol said...

Looks like that keeps you busy.

That totally reminded me that I need to go check out your pretzel recipe! They look delicious!

Mamasphere said...

Oh my gosh, I wish I lived back in my hometown and could attend my church's yearly family camp. Best memories ever.

Susan said...

Looks like a blast. I didn't realize there were family camps. Our kids are still too little for something like that but we will have to check into it when they are a little older.

Carrie said...

Oh how fun! I wish wish wish we had time for that (and I will make time as our children get older). It made me so excited for our youth group's summer camp week. So fun!

McMommy said...

My mouth is watering for one of those pretzels right about now!!!

That looks like SO MUCH FUN!!

3boys247 said...

So there you are...I looked yup the camp website, explored the map. I knew you were in Michigan but wasn't sure where. My husband lived in Michigan City when I met him.

Camp looks like so much fun for the campers and so much work for you!