Saturday, July 19, 2008

Prayer Request

SOOOO we have a HUGE prayer request! Friday a week ago we noticed that our van (our only vehicle) was leaking pouring transmission fluid. We took it to a guy that had done some work for us before. He did some work on it then called to let us know it was ready. Three hundred and fifty dollars later we picked up our van after our weekend in Chicago (during that time we used someone else's van - THANK YOU to the LEE FAMILY!) As I was driving up to our house Bryan saw an ominous trail behind the van.. sure enough... STILL leaking pouring transmission fluid! Bryan called the guy back right away and he agreed to look again. We found out today that what he fixed had messed up again...we need a NEW transmission (or one re-built)! The cost to get a new one or to rebuild it (along with what we already but into it) is only a little less than what we PAID for the van!!! SOOOO we need a new van !!! Please pray with us for God's provision for this need! I haven't shared much about what we do on here... but we work at a camp and live on monthly support so this TOTALLY is something GOD has to handle!


4funboys said...

I can't wait to read your post to share how God met your need!!!

You'll be in our prayers...


Michelle Jamie said...

I will pray for you!