Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The End has come!!!

The end has come... after 6 years I will not longer be teaching at GCC on Thursday nights :(

After much prayer the church has chosen to move their mid-week service to Wednesday nights, this is the same night as our church holds their mid-week service! It's been a great time, but obviously God has us moving on in different directions! I will really miss the kids and the fun time we have each week.

This is my Jungle Room kids... being serious

And silly!!!

The children's rooms are amazing!! Some of the older kids rooms have slides where the parents drop them off upstairs and they slide into their rooms!!! It's pretty amazing!!! The tv monitor is the top of the slide ... there is one at the top so parents can see when the children reach the bottom!

Hayden finally enjoys his "Garden Patch" room without crying!!! He was playing dress up and going down the little slide in the room when we took these pictures. (This is 3 year olds only!! The church is HUGE!)

Wyatt is still in the screaming when dropped off stage, but has come to love his teacher. He's become her special helper so it will be hard not to be around every week again!

I forgot to get pictures of Carter's current class.... he's in the Penguin Room now (as in 3-2-1 Penguins)!! But here is the one he just moved out of... "Under the Sea" for 4- 5 year olds. The whale's mouth is the end of the slide!!!

This is how long I've been a teacher here... I was pregnant with Carter when I started and the girl in the black was in my class!!! I've also taught her brother and just had her littlest brother enter my class this summer!


Pegsy said...

Wow, those are some amazing rooms! My kids would so love that! I'm sad for you, though. I know how tough it is to say good-bye to something you are so much a part of.

Michelle Jamie said...

I understand your sadness. I was a teacher for at a kids Club called AWANA. And I loved it. I stopped because I was about to deliver my first. I will be helping out again when My kids are able to join.

4funboys said...

how cool is that... I run into kids I've taught and am always amazed to see how far they've come.


I love the music on your blog. I just got a new worship CD I think you'll love!!! If I can figure out how to load it... you can check it out.