Thursday, August 14, 2008

Empty to Full.... Actually Full to Empty

Today has been a VERY FULL DAY!!! (actually it's been pretty empty...but that is the end of the story..)
Last Friday we left for three weeks of "vacation" and support raising. This is a LONG trip all over the east and south!!
On Saturday we met Bryan's sister and her family and brother and his family for a day of fun at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. (I'll post those pictures later) We had a great time hanging out with the cousins and riding rides (FYI - DON'T take 3 little boys on a GINORMOUS Ferris Wheel all by yourself.... especially if #1 - You aren't a "fan of heights" and #2 - Your oldest thinks it's funny that your so nervous!! )

We then spent the next two days visiting Grandma in Lexington (Nana to our boys - she is there only great-grandma). Then headed to Virginia to see my family... the plan WAS to go to the Six Flags in Maryland on Friday with my sisters and brother. This is where the EMPTY day comes in... last night at 3am Wyatt emptied his stomach and then Carter did too at 1 pm!! YUCK! I hate being sick...even more so when you aren't at home!!!! Wyatt was sooooo sick we actually took him to the ER tonight because we could get him to STOP emptying his stomach...They were able to give him something orally for the nausea and he was able to keep some juice down for a couple hours... So now it's 11:30pm... I'm PRAYING that Hayden doesn't catch it... or Bryan... or my parents... or my siblings(who came home from college/work just to see us and NOT go to Six Flags now!)... oh and that I don't get it either. I mean we are all about sharing, but NOT THIS!! So pray for us... that we get better and can enjoy the time we ACTUALLY get to see our family. OH... and Bryan is flying down to his brothers on Wednesday and we will head down later!! (AGAIN another story for a later post.... we don't have a boring vacation do we?)


Michelle Jamie said...

Will be praying, can you give us an update on the car situation?

3boys247 said...

Oh no. I hope everyone gets feeling better soon.

Emily Jennings said...

hey! Are you still coming our way??