Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Moment - Just for Moms!!!

I love the Go Fish Guys and just came across this video of their "Mom Song" on You Tube.... It's so good.... Check it out... Then buy the cd. They are great!

Another SOOOOO funny video I found is "Momsense" tooo funny... what do you say to your kids everyday???

In response to her "MomSense" she can up with "DadSense" I CRACKED UP!!!


4funboys said...

thanks for the laughs...

I SOOO needed that

geisme said...

Karen, hope this finds everyone feeling better. I enjoyed the go fish video, but I have to disagree with a line in their song. "If you work all day & you never get paid, you're a mom." I know you get paid- the same way I do, in hugs & kisses. For me the best payment around, but some days the monetary gain WOULD be nice. :)
btw- I've actually seen Anita Renfro do those songs live @ a Women of Faith conference.
Sorry I haven't been around lately, just have gotten behind in bloggy land. Am trying to catch up now. HA! -Gail

Jennifer said...

She great! I have also seen her during Women of Faith. You should go sometime:)