Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Vacation 2008 - THE DRIVE

So the following week I drove with the three boys from Virginia to Tennessee...
12 hours with the boys in a van..
I am insane!
But I did survive...
It wasn't too bad actually!
My parents followed me (or I followed them) the first section and we stopped overnight at my aunt's house! It was great to see them and my cousins.
This is Andrew ... I guess he would be my kids 3rd cousin!
They had fun and my boys sure kept him entertained!
Sorry, for anything they taught him to do!
My Uncle had just gotten this Harley recently and the boys LOVED sitting on it... no ride... it was POURING rain at the time! Here are some pictures from the next day... Southern Virginia to Clarksville, Tennessee... on my own with THEM! I won't say that I took some of these while driving because that would be soooo dangerous and VERY wrong!
This is the story of survival...
it's a law that all three children can't sleep in a van at the same time.Did you know that? Neither did I until this trip!
Wyatt slept first... then NEVER AGAIN!
As he was waking up Hayden (who actually slept the most) and Carter (who is always awake) both fell asleep.
For those who've never me Wyatt there is 2 words to describe him... bulldozer (he get what he's after) and LOUD (like jet engine loud - he came out loud)
Wyatt didn't want his brothers to sleep and tried to wake them up... VERY LOUDLY!
I tried everything I could... while still driving ...to keep him quiet. (books, flyers, cars, etc)
I finally found the solution...
a pen...
But it kept him quiet and the other two asleep a little longer!
It's all about survival!

Keep with me.... I'm almost finished blogging about this trip and then I'll move on... I promise!


Kaleb said...

It's good to know that you survived. So have I, or at least I think I have. And it wouldn't be 3rd cousin. It would be cousin once removed. A third cousin would be is Jeremy or Ashley had kids.

Pegsy said...

I wouldn't so much mind the ball point pen on the legs, but what else did he write on!!???? You are a brave momma! The longest trip I've ever made with my kids is 3 hours and hopefully it never gets any longer than that!

Laura said...

Road Trip!
Great pictures- and I'm glad you survived!
I'm just surfing the blogs- but had to stop and say "Hi"- I'm a mom of boys too.

Kaleb said...

Ok, so I was wrong. It would be second cousins.