Monday, September 29, 2008

Vacation 2008 - Virginia the rest of the story!

So after our "eventful" night away while staying in Virginia. I dropped Bryan off at the airport so he could fly to Tennessee for that tiling job with his brother. For the week we spent at my parent's house we did A LOT!

The Garden Maze at Luray Caverns (where I was a tour guide in high school).

On Friday...Hayden got that "bug" the other two had the week before... So Carter got to go with Grandpa alone to the Demolition Derby at the local fair!
Once Hayden felt better, we took all the boys to "see" the fun at the fair on Saturday! All they REALLY cared about was the tractors... that and wanting to see the Motocross going on in the Grand Stand! (Carter has been praying that he can get a motorcycle ever since!)
The other days we played outside and had fun times... like this one ... Carter convincing his LITTLE brothers to push him in the wagon! Hayden got mad because he wanted to push himself... so he did!