Friday, September 26, 2008

Vacation 2008 - Six Flags D.C.

The gang FINALLY got better and we were able to go to Six Flags in DC after all..

just a day later than planned...

without Wyatt (he had a day of one-on-one time with my parents...
I guess that would really be two-on-one!)

and without my sister, Keilah (she had to head back to college).

While I WOULD NOT recommend going to THAT SIX FLAGS at ALL,
we did have a pretty good day!

Hayden did almost drown when the lifeguard at the bottom of a slide didn't bother jumping in... long story and DADDY WAS FURIOUS!
He was the one to rescue Hayden... of course he was also the one who sent him down the slide. (He didn't know it was that deep at the bottom and the lifeguard didn't warn him!)...
Like I said.. I WOULD NOT recommend that park..

but here are some great pictures from the day with my sister Kelly, brother Kaleb and my family.I wish you could see Carter's face better in the water slide one..
It was like a giant half-pipe and I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head!

One this coaster is my sister- Kelly, brother- Kaleb, Bryan, and Carter
They all gave it thumbs up!
The last ride of the day... Bryan took Carter on this water coaster... maybe we should have done that one earlier!


Anonymous said...

It's not fair to leave Wyatt out of this great day!
You can't forget my favorite story of Wyatt.
Grandma(me) has a little bench with a mop doll sitting on it.

Wyatt moved the mop doll and sat down on the bench.

After smiling at us as if to say he 'got by with something', he got up from the bench.

He turned and put the mop doll back on the bench.

He then pointed his finger at the doll and said, "Stay!"

It was a 'Grandma moment'.
We had a great day together.

Love you,

Brittany said...

love your blog! such cute pictures!!!! and i love the arrangement and collages- do you use photoshop? if not, tell me how! i love it!