Sunday, November 30, 2008

Give Thanks

I'm thankful for...

1. My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

2. My amazing hubby!

3. My 3 little blessings

4. Our health... this is close to my heart right now... Hayden spent 30 hours this past Monday and Tuesday in the hospital. He had early stage of pneumonia and his asthma flared up really bad. He is doing much better... but still not back to his old self. He actually ASKED to take a nap the past few days. Even though Carter has a cough and Hayden still isn't 100% there are a lot of families dealing with a lot worse than we have!

5. Time with extended family... even if it is eventful (come on don't you all have Family times like that!)

6. Snow ... we had a foot fall before we left for Thanksgiving break!

7. How God provides for all our needs!

8. Christmas... I just love everything about it! I even decorated before we left and before Hayden was in the hospital (all the decorations except our tree and outside lights)

9. Hugs and kisses (but I also like my space too!)

10. After Thanksgiving shopping without the kids... what's not to like about that?!

What top three things are you thankful for?


Kelly said...

1. Friends from other countries who get married just so you can go see them!! :-)

2. Sleep after much traveling.

3. Christmas is definately one of my favorite holidays EVER!! (though I wish I would have had the time to get some decorating done before I left!!)

Kelly said...

oh, right, and if I can add a 4th thing: People who speak the same language as me!!

Pegsy said...

1. God's faithfulness.

2. Old friends that I got to visit recently!

3. My children who make me laugh, and my husband who provides so well for us.

geisme said...

Oh, Karen, glad to hear Hayden is feeling better. Will be praying he returns to 100% quickly.

I am also thankful for my Lord & Savior & that he is still on the throne!
Thankful for his provision.
Thankful for family & friends.

Was wondering where you had been, now I know. Glad it wasn't any worse.
p.s. I went to you know what I'm talking about, but I can't get it to work- any hints?

Jennifer said...


Husband and son

My husband job


Kerry Shealy said...

Hmmmm...only three?

1. Being God.
2. A wonderful,godly husband.
3. A healthy little guy growing inside me, and four others who can't wait for #5 to "come out!"

Cheffie-Mom said...

Wow, your blog is wonderful. I'm thankful for God, my family and friends. Please stop by my blog soon! I love making new blogging buddies and celebrating family!