Monday, March 23, 2009

Dominoes... not the Pizza

Wyatt's had a rough weekend. (Now the picture it just one he asked me to take while he was eating his pudding... don't ask me why... he just wanted it taken.)
I've known for a few days that he wasn't feeling good, but then on Sunday he woke up with a pink eye... YEAHHHH.

Today the other eye was pink.. so we went to the doctor...

Now please tell me WHY WHY WHY is it when I THINK they have an ear infection they DON'T, but when I don't think they have one they DO!

Poor boy - Pink eye in both eyes, sinus infection and ear infections in both ears!!

I think that makes me a nominee' for worst mother of the year... almost ties with the year I let Carter go almost a week with a broken arm before I realized it!

After the crazy afternoon at the doctor's office.. I had some fun with the boys tonight.

We played a game of Dominoes (or whatever you call it "Mexican Train", "Party Train", etc.)

After we finished I thought I'd do a fun thing for the boys (and keep them from interrupting Bryan's University of Kentucky basketball game - don't you love March Madness... sorry I digress)
So I lined up the dominoes for them to knock down...
I was doing good the first time with only 4 left
when Wyatt knocked them down... so I tried again... with success this time. So I let Wyatt knock it down...

After his turn the other two wanted their turn.. it went much better...although not as funny!

Hayden's turn...

If you want to work on your patience... try it.. set us some dominoes while 3 boys try to "watch".... you may not have much hair or patience left!!



Kaleb said...

I LOVED Wyatt knocking them down. I had to have watched that one at least four times. I love my name-sake. Nothing like Dominoes to cheer someone up (and it could be either the pizza or game!)

Pegsy said...

That was too funny! You are a SAINT for trying that with 3 boys "watching!" You sound a lot more good-humoured that I would have been by the end of that! Even so...we should just try that someday soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh...Matt and I were cracking up when Wyatt 'knocked' the train over! HAhaha!