Thursday, March 19, 2009


This little boy has cracked me up so much lately...

here are just a few of his Wyatt-isms

* Walking across the parking lot into a store.

Me: "Come on Wyatt, hurry up"

Wyatt: "I want to walk SLOWLYYYY".


* After I made him run around the table 2 times because of his bad attitude (we make Carter run laps outside when he has a bad attitude - it REALLY works).

Me: "Did you change your attitude Wyatt?"

Wyatt: "Yes" (still pouting- lower lip sticking WAY OUT)

Me: "Let me see a happy face."

Wyatt: "Cheese" (said with his pouty face)

Not good to crack up when you are trying to discipline your child. He is my constant helper in the kitchen... just this morning he started emptying the dishwasher... he was doing good tooo... until he pulled the top rack off the track and almost broke all the glasses! He actually know where most of the dishes belong... he may be the ONLY other one in the house that knows!
A few nights ago we borrowed Judith's air popcorn popper.. he thought it was the greatest thing in the world. I think he would've popped the entire bag if I had let him!He's my little buddy... at least for now he still wants to be my baby!



GE is me said...

Love the Wyattisms- Oh my goodness, I totally would've cracked up at the Cheese comment! So I know you didn't keep a straight face. :) Love the popcorn pix & love the new blog look! Easy to read. You are soooo creative.

Jennifer said...

Sweet :) He growing up so fast!
I like the new look:)

4funboys said...

love your layout!

maybe I should try that running thing myself... I'm feeling like it's "my" attitude that needs adjusting these days... ha

my parents used to make my brother run too-- whatever works I say!

he's so precious looking... hard to imagine him ever having an "unhappy heart" as we say around here.

Pegsy said...

What a cutie! I can't believe he's getting so big! He sounds a lot like Sky!

I'm jealous to see you have no snow on the ground anymore. I'm so, so, so sick of seeing white everywhere...