Sunday, March 29, 2009


On Wednesday night Carter and Bryan got to go to the University of Kentucky game at Notre Dame. They were excited to see the Wildcats and not have to travel so far!
Carter wanted to get in the game spirit... so I painted his face! He thought he was hot stuff! They took our friends teenage sons with them, plus several friends also set behind them. (The ones that sat behind them were cheering for Notre Dame!)

Even though the guys weren't UK fans on a normal basis they joined Carter in cheering them on in style!
After the game they waited outside the UK locker room and Carter was able to get his picture taken with one of the players, Patrick Patterson! I don't think Carter could stop smiling!
Even though Kentucky lost he still had a great time! (Bryan says Carter only goes for the popcorn! )



Jennifer said...

All three boys look great with their face painted! Please tell those friends hello for me :)

4funboys said...

how cool is that! I'm all about the popcorn too!

Kelly said...

if you want to make me a background -- knock yourself out -- I trust you (I think:)