Sunday, April 5, 2009

Visit from the cousins

Last weekend we had a blast with Andrew (Bryan's Brother), Rachael and their THREE girls!! It was so much fun!This was the first time we got to meet Hannah or as Wyatt says "Hannah-baby". He couldn't get enough of her and constantly wanted to hold her!

We did make him surrender her so that Carter and Hayden would get a this point Hayden was "done holding"...
Carter took a break from his playing Wii to "talk" to Hannah! He even got her to coo and smile.
Bailey and the boys loved the tire swing And Bryan got to see his Andy... he really loves this little girl! It was nice to see that Wyatt isn't the only one going through the terrible twos right now!!! They were a busy busy mess together!


Jennifer said...

Cute post! I think it is funny they have all girls and you have all boys:)