Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chicago Children's Museum!!!

While Andrew and his family were visiting last weekend we made a trip over to Chicago. If you are ever in Chicago you HAVE to make a trip to the children's museum. It's great!! We had such a blast and the kids did too! The price may be a little steep at $10 a person (kids too - except for under one year.) BUT - if you check their site they have discount and even FREE days or half days!!! SOOOOOOO worth it even if you pay the full price. Go prepared to spend a LONNNG time the there!

The first things my boys did and LOVED was the boat/tunnel/ ladder that stretches for 3 FLOORS!! It's kind of freaky with them walking so high over your head!

Carter (of course) didn't hesitate and flew right across it!Bailey (my niece on the left) did great tooo. Hayden (he's on the right) was "overly cautious" and didn't want to walk out after climbing up... Wyatt takes after Carter and practically RAN over Hayden to the end of it..Wyatt going again... with NO ONE to slow him down!! That boy is a bulldozer to the core! Bailey again...

They loved it and since it's in the center we kept "coming back to it".... but on to the many other rooms.

The building room was a HUGE HIT with my boys... all FOUR of them
The building was a little over Wyatt's level... but they have fun little bolt puzzles that were perfect for him!
Hayden just liked dressing up like "Superman Builder Hayden"
This was the first "room" we stopped in... and we (the little boys and I) would've stayed longer, but it was SOOOOO HOT with the sun streaming in. So Wyatt (and I) got bored quickly and looked around. We found the Water Room.. and went to get Hayden .. leaving Bryan and Carter to finish their project...(Bryan didn't want to stop building. It was quite funny to see all the dads and a few moms building and the kids wandering around or gone to another room!) They took some pictures of their finished Tree house... it turned out pretty impressive...

The Water Room was a refreshing cool off after the HOT building room

This picture of Carter is blurry because that's how he spent most of the day.....in a blur running here and there!
Andrea LOVE LOVE LOVE the water....

It even tasted good... YUCK!
Hayden had his missions he was doing... Notice the plea for help in his eyes - instead Aunt Rachael took this picture... LOVE IT!

These two are trouble together!Another room was a town... with different things in the town.. grocery store... bus... auto shop...They had a "undercity" build the plumbing area that Carter spent time in... the boy is such a builder!!!Wyatt driving the ambulance..There were soooo many rooms... insect/garden, dino dig, forest, art, games, safety room...we didn't spend as much time in the rest of them... and I didn't get pictures from them either. I know if we went back there would still be so much to do...

Fire"woman" Bailey.. and Wyatt - the dog!

Fire"woman" Bailey and Hayden - the dog... why are my boys the dogs?
It was SOO much fun... we were all wiped out!!! But of course had to get a picture on Navy Pier (for the record... Rachael and I DIDN'T want to be in the picture.. Wyatt just wouldn't let me put him down!) After that we went for some great Chicago pizza at our favorite place Giordano's... GO there and get their stuffed deep dish pizza.... sooo good - one piece FILLS you up!

ONE LAST PICTURE from the day.... I loved it.. from the dino dig room... Wyatt is such a ham!!!



Mindy said...

That place looks like so much fun, and not just for the kids!