Thursday, March 5, 2009


Have any of you ever had Amish bread?

It is SOOO good, to be honest it's more cake than bread... but SOOOO good!

Anyway, it's a 10 DAY process to make this "bread" and at the end of the 10 days you divide the batter into 4 bags with some left over.
You then make the bread (I make muffins.. no mess from slicing the bread) and give away the 4 bags of "starter" for the new batches of bread to friends.

I got the starter from a friend and made a batch two weeks ago.
This week was my second batch.
I was trying to figure out who to give the starters too and decided to give them to the ladies at the doctor's office.
(Hayden had his 4 year check-up yesterday... he did great - He was such a "superman" about the shots too!)

Back to the story...
I walked into the office and up to the counter (the lady waiting at the next window kept giving me weird looks out of the corner of her eye) I asked the receptionists if they wanted a starter for Amish bread.
At this point all I'm getting is odd looks from everyone in office...
UNTIL I realized I am standing in the DOCTOR'S office with a bag that looks like this.....

I quickly hid it under the boys coats and explained to the lady at the next window that it's Amish Bread starter and REALLY tastes incredibly good...
even if it looks like a bag of puke right now!!!!

It was one of the funniest moments to happen to me recently!!

So Have YOU tried Amish Bread before?

I PROMISE... it really is GOOD!!


Mindy said...

I had a starter for a while then let it go. But that bread is so yummy!

Kerry Shealy said...

I need the recipe!

Very funny story, btw!!!

Michelle Jamie said...

this really was laugh out loud funny. I even read and showed it to my hubby and he laughed out loud too!!

Right now with a new little one one the way I don't see this Amish bread happening for me!!

Pegsy said...

lol, that's hilarious!! So, did they accept your gift after all?!

Sarah M. said...

I've had it. I do like it, but I quickly tire of messing with the bag.

GE is me said...

I've had that- I refuse to get sucked in, but it is dang yummy! That is funny about the drs. office :)