Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's HIS Party - Hayden's bash!

Hayden had a great birthday party with is friends here on the camp property...
it was a blast..

He has a LOT of friends...

Hayden is our social-lite... We were able to set up the bounce house the camp uses for Family Camp...

Hayden really got into boxing with his friends... This is his "serious boxing face".

Two days before Hayden's birthday Bryan bought this Jumpslide from Craigslist for our summer camps. He conviently needed to set it up to check it out (there is a tear that we need to fix)... PERFECT timing huh?

Hayden REALLY wanted a Superman cake... don't really know why... he's never seen a Superman show.. but that's what the birthday boy wanted... so Superman is was!

GREAT cake idea I found online... M&M's were PERFECT!!!

Later that night after the BIG Birthday Bash... we had our family party.

with leftover cupcakes from the party

Silly boys.... the presents are for Hayden...

from Uncle Kaleb and Aunt Kelly

He REALLY wanted a Superman backpack.. again with the Superman thing... but we couldn't find one anywhere... when he opened the superhero one... with NO superman... UM NOT GOOD. We said, "Hayden do you like your backpack?"
"NOOOOO, I wanted Superman..." and he looked really sad. Poor kid. He's so easy going (which makes it REALLY hard to buy for him.) THEN the ONE thing he REALLY wanted... he didn't get! So the backpack is going back to Target and one is on it's way from an online store!! (I would've done it before his birthday, but like-I-usually-do... it wouldn't have made it ontime)
The boys already have Geo-Trax.. but with three boys and only 2 engines that work... NOT GOOD!! So this was a No-brainer gift! He LOVED IT!!!
We even set up the train set in the living room afterward. (He also got some extra track for the train set)Hanging with my 4 year old...MOM- STOP!!
NOT on your life kid.. Mommy's kisses don't stop no matter how old you get!!



Mom said...


Mommy's kisses don't stop no matter how old you get !!!

Happy Birthday to Mom -my little girl! (March 9th)

I love you.

Jamey and Angela Moore said...

Looks like Hayden had a great birthday! Loved the Superman Cake

Jennifer said...

Wow, Looks like lots of fun!! Happy Birthday Hayden

You can come down in May and make Sean a cake

4funboys said...

isn't that the truth!

love the cake... very cool!

Happy b=day