Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The lost tooth...

Between baseball and now family camp I've not TAKEN the time to blog... to be honest I'm not really motivated - MAYBE some comments would help me get back in it!! (hint hint!)

So instead of playing "catch up" with blogged I'll just start with yesterday...we'll really 2 weeks ago, but the main part is from yesterday...

Two weeks ago I noticed that Carter had his first loose tooth. BUT I also noticed that the permament tooth was coming in FAST directly behind it.
I called the dentist when the tooth was almost all the way in and they said to give it 2 weeks...
So now to yesterday... the tooth still wasn't out - it moved a little, but not enough for me to pull. So I called and we made a trip to the dentist....which is an hour and a half drive. *YUCK*
NOW the tooth is out, but you can't really tell because the new one is almost fully in!
Carter did great... Wyatt was the one who was worried because he saw the dentist use the pliers to pull it out! Now all he says is " Carter got big hurt and I NOT do it now!" He was so worried that he was next!
On the trip back (Hayden was playing with a friend so I only had 2 boys) I stopped with the boys at a rest area to take Wyatt potty (workin' on the potty thing) Carter decided to LOOK at his tooth they pulled.. then DROPPED it on the ground!
Little little tooth... in a parking lot - I never noticed before all the little multi-colored stones they use to make a parking lot! Take a look next time and the picture trying to find a child's tooth! A needle in a haystack would be easier!
After looking for about 15 minutes, I took the boys to the bathroom thinking I would NEVER find it - but hey he'll lose more teeth, right!?
I told Carter "Let's pray we find it." So we stopped to pray and went back to the van. I buckled Wyatt in and thought "I'll look ONE last time." So I got on my knees looked for about 2 minutes, I STILL didn't find it. I got up to get in the van and THERE IT WAS!!
I still can't believe we found it. I told Carter "Look God answered our prayer... He even cares about a tooth." Then he said, "Yeah, and he cares about us too!" You got that right kiddo!
So needless to say it was an adventure... we won't forget about the first tooth Carter lost... REALLY lost!


mylifewith5kids said...

Carter's eyes look SO blue in these pictures!!! I am going to have to go outside and take another look at him up close!!!

Keep writing!! It is great to have you back!

Jennifer said...

They grow so fast! I am glad your back in the blogging world :) I hear you about comments it helps a lot ;)

Keilah said...

Yay Carter! Your first tooth! Well Karen I'd comment a hundered times if I have to because I LOVE to read your blog. I know it takes a lot, though, obviously I haven't updated mine in about three months, but you know. Hope you get your blogging mojo back! Love you all!

Pegsy said...

What a cool story! I love it when God reveals Himself like that to the little ones! Congratulations on the first tooth milestone! Sara has lost 8 teeth, and each one is still just as exciting as the first!

Maggie said...

It's been ages since my oldest lost his first tooth.

Love your header!! =)