Monday, August 10, 2009


So we've done it.. we are officially MOVED!! It's been a week and a half since we left Michigan for the HOT HUMID south!! (I've really forgotten how HOT and HUMID it is down here! - We had such a mild summer in Michigan it's really been a shock!)
I hope to post more faithfully... now that we are somewhat "settled". Today was the first day of babysitting for me.. my three boys PLUS my three nieces! Six kids ages 6 - 6 months! It went well... there are things I need to work on, and creative new ideas to keep all the little hands busy!!!
For now.. I'll just share Carter's tour of our new house.. not sure that the sound works, but you can see it (hopefully)


Sarah M. said...

Super cute video and tour guide... In all our business I missed your post about moving... Wow! Big step. We know what it is like to KNOW God is leading you into big changes. Our move to Iowa was like that.

Jamey and Angela Moore said...

What a cute video of the house!! Looks like you guys have lots of room. Girl, welcome to the HOT HUMID SOUTH. However, the past 2 weeks have been the worst, we've been blessed to not have nearly as hot of a summer as last year. Welcome to Tennessee!!

mylifewith5kids said...

That video just CRACKED ME UP!!!!! Tell Carter, "Thank you" for me, but Karen I sure wouldn't be opposed to you posting a slower tour of your HUGE house!!!! I miss you guys!!!

Mindy said...

I loved it! Yes, welcome back to the south. But I will say, the summer has been very mild except for the past couple of weekends.

Keilah said...

I loved the tour Carter! My favorite part is "...there's Wyatt, there's the wall, there's the railing..." Great!

Pegsy said...

Great video! I'm glad he was so into naming everything, because I was getting a little dizzy and needed the help! :-) Looking forward to seeing everything once you're all unpacked and decorated!