Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A "slightly" warmer day

Not much to say about today. I've spent the day working on our newsletter... good since our last one was in August! (I did send a quick note in our Christmas cards ... does that count?)
It's much warmer today... we had a high of 38 degrees (at midnight last night!). It was a much more pleasant almost spring-like day!
I'm going out tomorrow. I know twice in one week!! It's amazing. Lori and I are going shopping and I'm HOPING to figure out what to get Hayden for his birthday. Any suggestions? I guess if his own mother can't figure it out why should you:) I could just give him Carter's toys that's all he wants anyway... anything Carter has! I'm also getting a picture of Wyatt at Picture People done ( that free coupon thing, so don't get too excited grandparents) I do hope to take all the boys soon to get their pictures done. Hayden and Carter haven't had any done since last March!
Well that's all for tonight we love you guys!


Laurel said...

Ah! Congratulations! That's so awesome.

I miss hanging out at your house too. Life Action days seem like 10 years ago. I moved back to CA and am living about 2 minutes from my sister Cami. It's been great being back.

Hope all is well with you guys! Your pictures are amazing. My love to your family!

~Laurel ><>