Saturday, March 24, 2007

The one about...

I figure after a week here in Tennessee I'd better post some of my Carter and Hayden stories... none from Wyatt -all he does is eat, sleep, poop, eat, sleep,poop and sometimes laugh if someone pays attention to him.

Carter stories ... there's the one about ...
*climbing on the roof to "help" re roof the house..Bryan looks over and sees Carter standing at the edge leaning over because he wanted to see how far down he would fall! (The guys said he really did help out after they told him to stay away from the edge.)
*running with the water hose to the edge of the back yard to spray the neighbor's dogs (who yap constantly if they see ANYTHING) with water!
*putting a toy in the road out front and waiting for a car to run over it. I heard him yell as a car drove by, so I ran out front just in time to see the toy fly into the air! I fussed at Carter and told him to go to the back yard again... the entire time he was saying "OK, but that was awesome! Did you see that it was awesome!"
*Taking Bailey's little ride-on airplane and riding it down the slide!
*taking a piece of cardboard and riding it down the steps to downstairs.

Hayden wasn't an innocent little boy either... We've discovered that he and Bailey together are a VERY BAD combination. If they are in a room with the door closed and it's quiet ...
*they were found tonight in the bathroom, playing in the toilet with an ENTIRE roll of toilet paper in there!
*they hide under Bailey's bed with any candy they can find around the house
* they hide in Andrew and Rachael's room and opened a thing of fun dip... all OVER the floor
*they "blow" their nose with the toilet paper.... another huge amount off a roll
*they emptied two drawers from Bailey's dresser.

All in all it's been an exciting week! The boys have had a blast with Bailey and she with them. We leave tomorrow after church for Lexington, Kentucky then on Tuesday on to Luray, Virginia.
(support update - We met with a pastor today (he's co-pastor as he is phased out to begin his evangelistic work). It went very well. We really need to meet with the guy who is taking over for him, so maybe if we run back down here when Rachael has her baby we can actually meet with him. side note - the man we met with today ... his wife grew up in Luray, Va where I did... It was such a neat God-thing to see that little connection. Sing with me "it's a small world after all.... :)


Lori said...

That's hysterical! I can see why God gave Carter you for a Mom. It is so great that you can see the humor and the "all boy" in those situations. Glad to hear that your trip is going well. We will continue to pray for you.

From a mom with 3 "all boys",