Saturday, March 10, 2007


I could be sick! I decided to give the boys (Bryan too) haircuts today. I was in tears after Carter's . Have you ever just tried to fix a spot and it got worse and worse and worse?! It was so bad I called my friend Diana Jo (she was a hairdresser) to see if she could save it somehow. I was almost to the point of shaving it. She took time from her busy day to save mine! I keep telling myself that it WILL grow back! I guess everyone is entitled to at least ONE bad haircut. Carter's hair is just like Bryan's fine and stick straight. It shows every cut you make. I've figured out how to cut Bryan's hair.(I've been cutting his for almost 10 years now!) So I just remind myself that I've only been doing Carter's hair for ,at the most, 3 years. At least he's only four and a boy who likes to wear hats! It makes my heart ache just looking at all his hair gone! On the other hand, at least I was wise enough to get our family picture taken BEFORE I gave them haircuts. FYI - Hayden and Bryan's haircuts were just fine. They look as they do in the picture.


Jeff, Judith, Lauren, Emily, Daniel, Amy, and Joel said...

I too will miss his head of blond hair!! He looks so grown up now. I remember when I buzzed off Daniel's hair last summer, at least Carter still HAS hair!