Friday, June 22, 2007

New Friends

Carter has a new friend! That's so exciting - except that today's Friday and his family leaves to go home tomorrow! It was so cute... he spent the ENTIRE day playing with Evan and when he wasn't playing with Evan he was wondering where Evan was! Just before Hayden's nap I let Hayden and Carter play at the volleyball court with Evan and Shane. They had a GREAT time and then Carter got to go swimming with them! It was a fun day! I don't know how tomorrow will be when Evan has to leave! :(

On to child #3 - Wyatt is just weeks (or days) away from moving forward! He is trying so hard. He rocks back and forth fast like it will make him move. He also does this thing where he lifts his bottom up and is on his toes and hands (like the downward facing dog in yoga... not that I do yoga I've just seen this particular one before and that's what he's doing!) I tried to get a picture of him doing it, but the little booger stopped once I got the camera!
Wyatt is also just a week or few days from getting his top teeth (the bottom middle ones are already in). That's not as much fun as the crawling thing. One more thing... he can sit up on his own... until he tries to move and kicks his feet which knocks him over! He's getting so big so quickly!
I guess I should update on the big boy... Bryan. He went to the hand specialist on Thursday. They took out the stitches and have him still in a hand splint. He's not allowed to use that hand (or supervise children... that's a whole other story in itself) for at least two more weeks. THEN he gets the pins out and has to start physical therapy on his hand. I could take pictures, but I think I'll spare you... lets just say that it looks better than it did, but he'll have QUITE a scar! They did say he may never have 100% use of that finger again! He's doing well... trying to be careful, but also needing to do some things since we are in the middle of Family Camp!