Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pictures and Parenting

Well it was a rough night last night. Hayden was up with a wheezy/cough it was so bad I pulled out the couch bed and "slept" on that! (I should have just slept on the floor- it would've been more comfortable) Wyatt was up SCREAMING at 1am ... at the same time as Hayden! I didn't sleep much at all!! I hope tonight is better. I took both boys to the doc today and found out... Wyatt has a double ear infection... Hayden is on an inhaler as long as he sounds wheezy, but is to be seen again in two weeks to see if his allergy med is working! I hope for all our sakes that everyone sleeps all night tonight! Carter has had a cold, but isn't sick enough to stay out of trouble! He is SUCH A BOY! Trying to keep shoes on him is IMPOSSIBLE! Today I spent 1/2 hour looking all over the camp for him. I Finally found him down at the LODGE running around in his bike helmet with no shirt or shoes on! Oh I forgot to mention that the shorts he did have on were SOAKED! He HAD to go into the lake to "help" the campers that were loading their boat up! BOYS ... all I can say is WOW!

Before all this drama we (Me, Hayden, and Wyatt) were messing around with the camera and took some fun pics... enjoy!