Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Pretzel night and Wyatt's trick!

Wyatt has a new "trick"! He's one "step" away from being forward-mobile. Today he was lifting himself up on his hands and toes... like a push-up! I tried to get a good picture, but it's still hard to tell that he's on his toes. It was so amazing! They really do grow up quickly!

Tonight was pretzel night... during Family Camp I mix the dough for the campers to roll out their pretzels then we bake them. It's so busy, but fun too! Nicole has been helping me... she's the Baker in the large convection ovens... anyway..she's done this for the past many years (I don't know the exact number. When she's not here Brian Holloway helps.) But she is leaving the road teams so this was her last pretzel night to help me! I'll miss her... she's a great worker and has such a sweet spirit! She always has a smile on her face too! Brian H won't be back for a couple more weeks so I guess I have to break-in a new "recruit" next week. It's not an easy job either... during the summer it's SOOO HOT in front of the convection oven with the oven fan blowing. Tonight we were blessed... it's been unseasonably cool today... only 63 degrees for a high! (not for long though Thursday is going to be 93 degrees!) All in all it's fun.. a change from the everyday! Back to my Nicole story... she made these funny signs ... Mine says "I MAKE THE DOUGH!" and hers says "WILL WORK FOR PRETZELS!" She's a BLAST! I told her I wanted an apron that says I make the dough so she made me a sign!
For those of you who travelled and spent many a summer up here... guess who this is? I'll tell you in my next post! I'll also try to post some pictures from around here so that you can see some of the MANY changes that have been made.... a big one being painting/landscaping the LODGE building... YEP! no more white walls and green trim!


Peggy said...

I have never seen another baby do the hands and toes thing, but Sky did that too!! Our friends were amazed! He's still a very strong little boy, so maybe Wyatt will be the weight-lifter in the family!

You make me hungry talking about those pretzels! Those are the best!

Glad you liked the smoothies!