Sunday, July 15, 2007

Growing up!

CARTER - Well He did it! My little boy is one step closer to not being little anymore. Yesterday Bryan decided to teach Carter to bike with NO TRAINING WHEELS! He did GREAT! In fact right now he's with Joy Dice riding around the entire camp (including the BIG hill just down from our house towards the Lodge). He picked up on it right away. I don't know if it was the fact that the training wheels were worn out down to the metal or his fearlessness, but he's a QUICK learner. Now if we can just get him to SLOW DOWN!

Let me put your minds at ease... Helmets are a MUST for him! So tonight Carter HAD to practice some more on his bike! I snapped some pics of the family fun outside!
Leave a comment for Carter... he asked!

Hayden doesn't seem to want to grow up at all. He still WANTS his diapers and is AFRAID of just about everything to do with water!

We spent the day at Mark and Deborah Slabaugh's house today. (He is the associate pastor at our church.) They have two boys (Carson-6 and Anderson-4) and one girl (Macey - 3) Carter had a BLAST in their pool! He and Carson were having sooo much fun in a little blow up boat they had! (They have a diving board and slide) Hayden on the other hand wouldn't go in at all since I didn't go in. Daddy wouldn't do... which doesn't make daddy feel very good. It won't be long before mommy won't be good enough... it'll be all about daddy! I had Bryan MAKE him go in once which led to LOTS of screaming and crying so we gave up and he only got his feet wet once or twice!

One more funny thing... Wyatt is odd -no really -he is ! Right now he has his two upper teeth coming in... but his upper right tooth is already quite a bit through! It looks so funny I had to... TAKE A PICTURE! I know all these crazy pictures, but they are worth a thousand words!


Jeff, Judith, Lauren, Emily, Daniel, Amy, and Joel said...

Carter, you did such an excellent job on your bike. I am so glad that I got to watch it all happen!
Miss Judith

Peggy said...

Great job Carter! I'm so proud of you! Now we have to get brave enough to teach our little girl to ride with no training wheels!

Aunt kelly said...

Wow Carter! You're getting so grown-up!! I wish I could have been there! You'll have to ride it for me the next time I come visit! I love you!!

Aunt Ducky said...

Good job Carter! You are so fearless! I love your Cars helmet! So cool man! Love you, Aunt Ducky

Jody and Emily Jennings said...

WOW. Carter, what a big BOY. You need to bring your daddy up here to hunt so you can teach Silas how to ride a 2-wheeler.

Grandma said...

Carter, I wish I could have been there to see you ride the first time. I am proud of you. Have a good vacation. I love you!

Aunt Keilah said...

CARTER!!! What an amazing big boy you are! I'm so proud of you and I can't wait to see you ride!!! I love you!