Monday, July 9, 2007


Happy 7th Anniversary to me! (and Bryan) Sunday we celebrated 7 crazy years together. It was a crazy day too! We drove home from Louisville, Kentucky all 6 hours with 7 people (we picked up 2 girls who are volunteering for the month) with no AC! It was HOT HOT HOT HOT! We survived and are praying the van is fixable for a reasonable price! We hope to find that out soon.

On Saturday we took the three boys to Six Flags KY Kingdom! WOW! It was HOT HOT, but at least there they had the water park to live in! (Mary and Matt - Bryan's sister and her hubby- were supposed to go with but couldn't because she is in the hospital. She is pregnant with #1 and has developed renal colic... requiring surgery to place a stint in her kidney/bladder area. Everything I've heard/read says this is the WORST pain you can possibly experience! Keep her in your prayers the surgery was today after much pain and questions starting on Friday. In fact they sent her home on Saturday... we visited her at home... then she went back into the hospital last night!)Back to the Six Flags story... not much to actually SAY about that just lots of cute pics. Hayden hates the water/spraying water/ any water that touches his head area! BUT he LOVES roller coasters! Wyatt LOVES the water and would crawl over his head if I let him! Carter LOVES it all, but was kind of scared on the REALLY big coaster he went on with Bryan! He was really happy that he could go on all but one of the water slides! (He's getting so big so quickly and has NO Fear!) Hayden, Wyatt, and I spent the day in the kiddie area, but that's OK with me! Bryan had Carter to be his riding buddy! I do think Bryan wished I could've gone with him sometimes, but one day the boys will ALL be going with him! Hayden was our little money maker ... he found 37 cents over the course of the day! The third pic is him holding up the quarter he found!

Today we tried to recover from the 3 day HOT HOT HOT crazy trip! Family Camp started up again today ... only one more week after this... In fact we head to Mississippi NEXT Friday! Wow the summer is flying by so quickly!


Jaala said...

Wow! Your family looks just like mine! Aren't boys so much fun??? Mine are 1,2 and 3. :) Thanks for the comment. I love your blog!

Peggy said...

Yeah, what's up with the weather? I see that everyone's blog is the same way.