Thursday, July 5, 2007


carter (he wanted to type something so I let him type his name... all by himself. I keep it written on a paper so he can "log in" on his games.)

Happy to play with Wyatt! - Hayden loves to "try" to get Wyatt to laugh and he succeeds very often!

Today is their 32nd anniversary!
I haven't posted for a couple of days so HAPPY 4th of JULY!
Bryan, Carter, Hayden and I went out on the boat to watch all the fireworks around the lake. (Wyatt was already in bed with Lori H. listening on the baby monitor... don't worry I didn't leave him "alone") I found out that I have a "fireworks" setting on our camera... and it works! So here are a few pics of our show!

Happy to have daddy wrestling time!- The boys also had fun wrestling with daddy the other day... so pics of that too! (FYI - Bryan's hand is healing fine... he had an appointment today. The pins will be taken out in 2 weeks and he'll begin physical therapy then! Now I just have to keep him from playing soccer or anything "dangerous" again!Happy to get away as a family- We are headed to Louisville, Ky tomorrow... after staying with Grandma we will spend Saturday at Six Flags... KY Kingdom then come home on Sunday (the REAL reason for the trip is to pick up two of our friends teenage girls so they can volunteer this summer- it'll be a tight trip, but worth it.) So a busy weekend is ahead and 2 more weeks of Family camp are left to go! We will be spending our 7th anniversary travelling home on Sunday with a VERY Full van! We are really blessed actually... three beautiful boys and a ministry we love! Plus we got each other baby:)