Tuesday, August 21, 2007


It's been a crazy day! We met with a Life Insurance Agent to try and get some insurance (I know with three kids we should have already had it)! Let me tell you there is nothing that makes you want to eat and entire bag of M&M's than finding out you need to lose weight to get the "super preferred rate - which is cheaper"! If I had known that when I first got married we would've gotten life insurance right away! (It also doesn't help when your husband weighs the same that he did in high school... in fact he still wears some of the clothes he wore then!) My afternoon was a lot of fun... my friend Liz came over while our kids (two of hers and Carter) got to experience Happy Heart City club (formerly Happiness Club)! It was fun to just hang out even though there was so much more I "needed" to be doing!

After dinner Bryan was "experimenting" with dry ice... don't ask - you can e-mail him about that one! It was pretty exciting to watch... the first three times, but I got tired of it after a while. I guess they might be doing something involving it in the future. I came home with Hayden and Wyatt at 8pm to give baths and such. Needless to say I was upset that Bryan wasn't there to help and after giving Carter his bath I was VERY frustrated trying to get things done with Wyatt crying. Carter had such wisdom when he said, "Mom why don't you just save some things for tomorrow!" I had to laugh... boy have I saved things for tomorrow! He sure has more common sense than I do sometimes!
On another note... here are some pics of Wyatt "playing" PlayStation 2 with Carter! Carter just got a CARS game for it and LOVES to play it! Which is fine with me...I now have something I can take away when he acts up!
Wyatt also has conquered the stairs... YIKES! He can go up, but not down yet! I "found" him two steps from the top yesterday!