Thursday, August 9, 2007


Where to begin?! We got back on Monday after two weeks in the south! On the way down to Mississippi we stopped for the night at Andrew and Rachael's house and decided to take Bailey with us for the week. We spent week one helping Bryan's parents with there new house renovations - they just moved to Mississippi! . Well, Bryan helped I watched the kids in the pool... rough life for me huh!? I forgot how HOT HOT HOT it gets down south and how many millions of mosquitoes they have. Poor Hayden and Bailey, the first night we were there I let the kids play outside while one-by-one I called them inside for baths. Hayden had at LEAST 50 bites on his back and Bailey's legs were covered! I didn't make that mistake again! After that week, I don't ever look forward to moving with children around! WOW to all you who have done it - you ROCK (Jen, Peggy, Rachael.. and whoever else reads this with children and has had to move and/or renovate!) We were able to go to the Navy Air Base and actually "fly" in a flight simulator! Carter and Bryan were on cloud 9!

The next week we spent at Gulf Shores, Alabama with Bryan's parents and brother. It was sooo much fun, but crazy too with little kids and all that sand! Wyatt wanted to eat it all the time! The pictures say more than I can!... We went shopping of course...playing on the beach...go cart riding...and the highlight... a dolphin seeing tour (the highlight of that was seeing a huge boat/yacht that had sank the night before!)...we also ate at Lambert's - that's where they throw the rolls at you- the boys LOVE that! It was so neat! Hayden who was TERRIFIED of the water before we went down there... don't get his hair wet... was like a fish! (He fell in the pool twice without his floaties! Angels were watching him for sure!)

We headed back to Mississippi on Friday... then on to Andrew and Rachael's new house on Saturday. We woke up on Sunday to head home... well let me back up... when we were in Mississippi Bryan decided that he NEEDED to bring back some bamboo to Michigan... He's been obsessed with bamboo for a long time now. He looks it up on the Internet and knows all the different kinds and everything! It's driving the rest of us crazy, but until he grows it here I don't think he will give up on it! If you don't believe me check out his facebook! So anyway he strapped several 30 foot bamboo plants to the TOP OF THE VAN again... the picture says it all! We were the talk of the interstate all the way home! That long black thing snaking down the top of the van is the bamboo!

Back to my story... on Sunday we were getting ready to leave to head to Michigan when Carter threw up... he continued to do so again! After two hours with no throwing up we decided to leave and chance it, BUT ... as soon as we got started he was on a roll for the next 6 hours! We stopped for the night in Indy so that there was only three hours to go! Carter was MUCH better the next day and ... so far... no one else is sick! (Knock on wood) We were supposed to be back Monday for the first day of Revival week, but didn't make it until Tuesday.

Then on Wednesday we picked my sister, Keilah, up from the airport in Chicago! She will be visiting until Tuesday! Keilah and I took the boys to Lake Michigan today (after a little time at the outlets!) We had a blast... I have so many pictures to post from the trip that I'll post pictures from our fun with Aunt Keilah next time! We have a few more exciting events planned while she is here... stay tuned for more excitement!

PS - I know you tagged me Judith and Emily... I'll get to it soon!


Jody and Emily Jennings said...

Glad you are back. Glad you had a great time. Glad I am not the only one with a redneck husband. :)

Jen said...

glad you had a good time. i'll have to check out the bamboo pictures on facebook. moving with kids is killer!!! i don't recommend it, but we'll be doing it again in a few months when we move across the street!