Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A week with AUNT KEILAH

"Today is a sad day".... that's what Carter said - "because Aunt Keilah had to go home!" We've had a BLAST with Aunt Keilah over the past "week". She was able to experience her first flight up here and her first luggage loss on the way back... but they found it on the next flight in! While she was here, we spent a lot of time outside and she even built a train for the boys in their room. Over the past six days we ... went to Lake Michigan, the outlets in Michigan City:), Six Flags Great America in Chicago, and the airport today! It's been a very busy, very quick visit! The boys had so much fun with her! She was wonderful with them! Thanks for all the help!

I want to send out lots of love to my little sis - she's a great woman with a sweet heart! I don't know her as well as I should (she was still an annoying little girl when I left for Life Action). This week has helped me see how much she has grown into a beautiful woman inside and out! I know that her desire is to seek and serve our Saviour with all her heart and through every circumstance. She is becoming a wonderful woman and God has great things in store for her life! I LOVE YOU KEILAH! (Oh, and Kelly and Kaleb - COME VISIT TOO! I love you guys too! I'll write nice things about you guys once you come up here;)


Peggy said...

That's so neat you guys had such a wonderful visit! I love the pictures!