Sunday, September 30, 2007

Boys, Bikes, Birthdays, and BAMBOO

Carter's as silly as usual. Two nights ago, while we were inside cleaning up dinner, Carter was outside with Hayden... nothing unusual right? I glanced outside and saw he had Judith's bike kid carrier thing. He was trying to hook it up to his bike... with Hayden inside! It was so funny to see. I told Bryan to come look, but instead he helped hook it up to the bike. Carter took Hayden for a ride... then almost for a "ride" down the hill. When he couldn't make it up the hill, he jumped off and Hayden started to roll backwards! It was quite "exciting"... no one got hurt.
Today was more mild. He colored the squares on our "patio-type" entrance, before it rained! I did just catch him running around with no shoes and only socks on - on the wet ground! BOYS!

Hayden - Well Hayden and Wyatt are starting to become buddies... so are Carter and Wyatt. There have been several times that I've caught Hayden and Wyatt playing and laughing together.. They also get INTO things together. Like the printer.. right now... gotta go.

OK I'm back now they're just jumping on the couch... Anyway, it's been nice to see them having fun as brothers!

We went to a friend's birthday party on Saturday... they DID have fun... you just can't tell from Hayden's face in this picture! As you can see the theme was cowboys! They thought that was great too!
Wyatt - He's into and ON everything! I turn around and there go all my books off the shelves, or he's on top of something! He keeps me busy! This picture of him is actually taken through the door... so he's not really standing on his own.. the one in the bathroom... he did that on his own! He's not far from walking... he's cruising with caution! Although he doesn't have much caution about anything else!

Bryan - One update on my biggest boy - he's STILL in the splint for FOUR more weeks! They are considering surgery again to place a plate in his finger if progress isn't made soon! (It's not anything HE'S done - for some reason his finger is taking FOREVER to heal - he was injured in MAY.. they did surgery then too!)

Bryan's also VERY proud of his bamboo... this one has a shoot that's growing SOOO quickly. (it's crazy warm here... 85degrees later this week... YES I said 85 in OCTOBER! Great for growing bamboo I guess. I am SOOOOOOO ready for fall the actually be here! One more week then the cool down... I hope. Maybe there is something to this global warming thing!)

Ok That's enough Sutton news for now! Love to you all!